Healthy K9 Naturals is an independent brand of high quality hypoallergenic dry dog food based in Derbyshire. The Healthy K9 Naturals brand was created by Colin Tomlinson, Cert.Ms., Dip.Ms., GoDT. a recognised canine behaviourist with over 25 years of experience, who wanted to bring an affordable, quality, healthy, dry dog food to the market.  Through his academic learning Colin has a deep understanding of Canine Nutrigenomics. He recognised a need for dog foods that help alleviate allergic reactions and promote healthy wellbeing. These are recipes that won’t make your dog hyperactive or pooh for England or both!

The pet food market is over subscribed by companies who focus on profit by using sub-standard ingredients (padding) to maximise returns and at the other end of the market are the overpriced veterinary promoted products that we assume are the best that money can buy. It is a wonderful marketing tool ‘the white coat’. Remember to ask your vet “Who supplies the nutritional training for their vets and nurses?”  Also “who sponsors the university veterinary schools and the majority of the veterinary practices in the UK?”

At Healthy K9 Naturals we only stock products that have proven (researched) benefits and that will bring tangible differences to your dog. Our clients are very loyal and the majority come through recommendation having witnessed beneficial changes in their friends and families dogs. We always welcome visitors to our store in Derbyshire for a free One 2 One consultation or it can be carried out over the phone at your convenience. We have clients all over the UK and our reputation is growing fast.

Unlike some dog food retailers we do not hide anything or use fancy gimmicks like a ‘personalised bag with your dogs name on it’ we focus more on whats in the bag! Some companies sell on a ‘Tailor Made’ food strategy, don’t be fooled by this ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ gimmick. Just check the ingredients and see what you are really paying (through the nose) for! We can give you a genuine data sheet with all the facts transparent. All our Grain Free foods are manufactured in the UK with second to none ingredient traceability and rigorous inspection routines. Many of the popular brands are manufactured overseas with ingredients that are chosen more on cost than quality! We will not compromise on ingredients and manufacturing processes.

For those of you who are existing customers, then we thank you for your business. For those of you who are not yet customers, please get in touch and let us demonstrate our product knowledge and fantastic range of foods, treats & supplements. Phone us on 07753 679689 or drop us an email at

At Healthy K9 Naturals we work with some of the leading nutritionists in the U.K. to create palatable, wheat, soya free premium products with high quality protein sources, easily digestible carbohydrates, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and all the vitamins and minerals your dog will need. We don’t use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Our ingredients are sourced from the human food chain and classed as ‘Fit for human consumption’; we don’t use meat and animal derivatives. All of our formulas are manufactured in the UK by a company that is a member of the PMFA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) and adhere to their strict criteria and codes of conduct controlling the manufacture of pet food products.

We have a comprehensive range of formulas that accommodate all breed types and all ages.

From puppy to senior, large to small – Healthy K9 Naturals has a food to suit them all.

Our prices are reasonable because there is no middleman involved. We deal directly with the manufacturer and pass the benefits to you the customer.