Change of Name for Allergy-X

The popular Fish & Potato with Allergy-X is changing name to Fish & Potato with Itch Eeze

This product will be the same recipe as previous the only thing changing is the name! The Fish & Potato with Itch Eeze is a true hypoallergenic dog food utitilising a hydrolysed process when manufacturing. In simple terms the proteins within the recipe are broken down by the hydrolisation process into their component parts enabling these amino acids to pass through the digestive system without creating a histamine reaction.

The price is staying at the previous level which is very economical when compared to an equivalent prescription diet from the vets such as Hill’s Science Diet Z/D at £73.99 RRP for 10kg or Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Sensitivity Control 14kg at £60.99. The Healthy K9 Fish & Potato with Itch Eeze is £44.00 for 12kg collected and we utilise Fish as a protein source whereas the prescription ones use a cheaper Soya protein!!!!

itch-eeze, itcheeze