Free Nutritional Consultation

Extensive knowledge of foods, supplements & treats suitable for your dog

Colin Tomlinson  Cert.Ms., Dip.Ms., MGoDT, is a well renowned canine behaviourist and has studied canine physiology and nutrition.

He has extensive knowledge of what foods, supplements and treats will be suitable for your dog. He works very closely with the relevant in-house nutritionists at his suppliers and is often sort for his opinion on new products before they come to market.

At healthy K9 we only stock products that have proven (researched) benefits and that will bring tangible differences to your dog. Our clients are very loyal and the majority come through recommendation having witnessed beneficial changes in their friends and families dogs.

We always welcome visitors to our store for a free One 2 One consultation or it can be carried out over the phone at your convenience. We have clients all over the UK and our reputation is growing fast.

Unlike some dog food retailers we do not hide anything or use fancy gimmicks like a ‘personalised bag with your dogs name on it’ we focus more on whats in the bag!

Some companies sell on a ‘Tailor Made’ food strategy, don’t be fooled by this ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ gimmick. Just check the ingredients and see what you are really paying (through the nose) for! We can give you a genuine data sheet with all the facts transparent.

All our Grain Free foods are manufactured in the UK with second to none ingredient traceability and rigorous inspection routines. Many of the popular brands are manufactured overseas with ingredients that are chosen more on cost than quality! We will not compromise on ingredients and manufacturing processes.

For those of you who are existing customers, then we thank you for your business. For those of you who are not yet customers, please give us a call let us demonstrate our product knowledge and fantastic range of foods, treats & supplements.

Phone Colin: 0115 9301257 or 07753 679689 for more information.