Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine Dehydrated Food Stockists

As well as producing our own brand Healthy Pet Naturals we also stock the Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine Dehydrated food.

Robbie’s is a natural dog food made by an independent Scottish company ‘The Land of Holistic Pets’. They use only the most natural and healthy ingredients.

‘Developed by George Burns our dog food is made with ‘passion and principle’. It’s for caring and thinking dog owners like you!’

Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine is made in a variety of flavours. These include Chicken, Lamb and Salmon, puppy food, grain free dog food and our meat free mixer.

Very easy to feed: simply put the ingredients in a bowl and add hot water. Then watch and smell as the fresh brown rice, carrots, spinach, green beans and herbs rehydrate.

Due to the nature of this food when rehydrated presenting a softer easy to swallow mix, it is ideal for dogs with dental issues, sore digestive tracts or dogs that tend to eat dry kibble too quickly.

Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine is suitable for: Dogs with eczema, itchy skin, excess shedding, hot spots, waxy ears, runny eyes, tooth tarter, bad breath, hyperactive, chewing feet, colitis, IBS, pancreatitis, epilepsy, overfull anal glands and many more health issues. Provides an excellent alternative to many ‘veterinary only’ diets.

We stock 150gm samples of the Robbie’s if you want to try before you buy!