Grain Free

Our recipes contain no cheap grains that dogs struggle to digest. Just all the premium meat and fresh vegetables that your dog needs to stay fit, healthy and allergy-free.

Lean Protein

Human grade, local and ethically sourced meat, fish and poultry from the UK. No dodgy bits, but freshly-prepared, quality cuts to keep your dog satisfied all day.

Highly Nutritious

A unique cooking process creates a kibble with a higher nutrient bio-availability for our pets. It has a more natural aroma and taste for a healthy and nutritious mealtime.

Transparent Ingredients

No technical names and hidden ingredients. Everything that goes into our recipes is there for you to see, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

Sustainable Packaging

We’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment, which is why we’ve moved away from traditional plastic packaging in favour of compostable brown paper bags.

Delivered Safely

Under current circumstances the you don’t want to be standing in a queue for the supermarket. We’ll remove that stress and deliver your order straight to your doorstep.

No Compromising Quality

A lot of well-known dog food brands are packed full of cheap ingredients and fillers to maximise their profits. As a small business we don’t have the same overheads as these larger brands, which allows us to take this retail markup and use it to fill our food with quality ingredients to keep our canine friends in the best condition they can be.

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Shinier Coats

Having the right balance of Omega 3 and 6 helps to give your dog’s coat that permanent salon shine. It’s easy to spot the difference between a dog being fed our kibble and a dog which is not.

Firmer Deposits

Fibre from whole vegetable ingredients helps to bind your dog’s deposits, making them firmer and easier to pick up. Quality ingredients also means they won’t smell half as bad.

Better Smell

If your dog is eating something that doesn’t agree with them they can have bad breath, stinky ears and awful wind. Removing grains and using quality ingredients means your dog’s scent won’t clear the room.

More Even Energy

Substituting grains for sweet potato provides your dog with slow release energy and keeps their blood sugar levels even throughout the day. No more highs and lows in their energy levels.

Reducing Inflammation

Avoiding allergens such as grains can reduce inflammation in the gut and boost your dog’s immune system. This benefits their joints, skin and digestion meaning less trips to the vets.

Easing Up Joints

Ensuring your dog is a healthy weight helps to reduce the stress on their joints and prevent issues such as diabetes. Added vitamin supplements in our recipes ensure your dog stays active for longer.

A Trustworthy Brand

But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers are saying…

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