Healthy K9 is a family-run, independent small business based in Stanley Common, Derbyshire. The brand was established in 2008 by Colin Tomlinson, a recognised canine behaviourist with over 25 years of experience, who wanted to bring an affordable and quality dry dog food to the market. In 2018 ownership of the company switched to Colin’s niece Emily and her husband Henrik, who have retained the same ethics whilst incorporating their own ideas in the business.

The pet food market is over subscribed by companies at one end who focus on profit by using sub-standard ingredients to maximise returns, and at the other end overpriced products that we assume are the best that money can buy, just because they are expensive. Our products use the same quality ingredients as these expensive brands, and are probably made in the same factory, but as we don’t have the same overheads we can keep our prices a lot more reasonable.

Unlike many other dog food retailers and high street brands, we don’t use gimmicks or try to hide our ingredients. We have a deep knowledge of ‘Canine Nutrigenomics,’ which allows us to talk about the nutritional requirements of different dogs and why our customers trust us to feed their pets.

We are grateful to each and every single person who buys from us, and helps to support our business. Our customers are incredibly loyal and we find that once they try our products they grant us the pleasure of feeding their dogs for life.

If you’re not already part of our ever expanding Healthy K9 family, why not browse our products or get in touch, so your dog can benefit from a nutritious diet, managed by a hard-working, trustworthy company.