Dog of the Month | Mar 2020

Our Dog of the Month for March is Lexi the ‘Doberdork.’ Here is what her owner Nic had to say –

“Lexi is fiercely loyal to her hoomans. A complete velcro dog, I can’t escape no where she will always find me. Kids have outgrown the whole following me to the toilet… The dog has decided I am never allowed to pee alone ever again.

She is also a hobbit, and needs feeding at least 6 times a day! She doesn’t of course, otherwise she wouldn’t be as in shape as she is. But she is a bin surfer, slipper chewer, shoe stealing princess.”

Would you like your dog to be featured as our next Dog of the Month? Contact us with a picture and a paragraph about their character, and also which is their favourite flavour of Healthy K9 kibble. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and will receive some free treats for their dog.