Grain Free Kibble & Delivery Prices January 2022

The past 18 months have been unprecedented times, throughout which Healthy K9 has continued to trade throughout a global pandemic, whilst facing the ongoing challenges of Brexit, and I would like to thank you sincerely for all of your support during this time.

You will have seen in the news recently of the dramatic cost increases in energy, raw materials and transportation, which are impacting multiple industries globally, and the pet food industry is no exception. The manufacturer of our Grain Free Kibble has had to increase their costs to reflect this, which is why I am writing today with details of price changes that will take effect on all orders placed from 1st January 2022.

Changing our prices is not something which I take lightly, and is done for no reason other than to maintain the level of quality and service that customers have come to expect from Healthy K9. The wellbeing of your dog will always be at the forefront of our company ethos, which is why we will never compromise the calibre of our recipes by using second-rate ingredients, or shift manufacturing to outside of the UK where standards on quality aren’t as stringent. We also recognise our responsibility to our planet, and do not consider it an option to return to cheaper plastic packaging.

I understand the frustration at rising prices, and it’s something I see myself when doing the weekly shop, but when faced with increased costs in every part of business operations, I have no choice other than to do the same.

I would like to thank you once again for all of your support throughout the pandemic and beyond, and I hope I can continue to play my part in your dog’s life by keeping them well-fed, happy and healthy. Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding anything in this message.


Prices of all recipes of Grain Free Kibble as of 1st January 2022

Puppy, Adult & Senior Ranges (all prices include VAT)
# of 2 kg bags Price per bag
1 – 3 £ 10.95
4 – 5 £ 10.45
6 – 7 £ 10.20
8+ £ 9.95
Puppy, Adult & Senior Ranges (all prices include VAT)
# of 12 kg bags Price per bag
1 £ 52
2 £ 50
3 £ 49
4+ £ 48
Working Range (VAT Free)
# of 15 kg bags Price per bag
1 £ 52
2 £ 50
3 £ 49
4+ £ 48


Delivery Costs as of 1st January 2022

Order Value


Courier Service

(within 2 working days)

Van Service*

(within 3 working days)

£ 0 – £ 29.99 £ 5.99 £ 2.99
£ 30 – £ 49.99 £ 4.99 £ 1.99

*Our Van Service is only available on selected DE, NG & LE postcodes, more details of which can be found on our website.